Other Custom Made Pressure / Reinforced Hoses
With our know-how and facilities, we are able to produce various kinds of piping and hoses to meet our customers' designs and demands.
~  High Pressure Reinforced P.V.C.,
and TPR (Thermoplastic
Rubber Tubing and Hoses)
~  Non-Toxic Food Grade Flexible Tubing
or Hoses
~  Oil Resistance Tube
~  Tailor Made Rigid Piping/Tubing,
for Special Applications
~  Shower Hose Assembly Set
~  Washing Machine Assembly Set
(Water Inlet & Drain Hose)
~  Normal Grade P.V.C.
~  Non-Migration P.V.C.
~  Oil Resistant P.V.C.
~  Non-Toxic P.V.C.
~  Rubber
~  TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)
~  Thermoplastic Alloy, P.E., P.P. and etc.
~  Color Matching
~  Material Selection and Certification
~  Tool Fabrication
~  One-Source Services

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