1.  Rigid & Soft P.V.C. Profile/Furniture Lining Profile
Complete service for the development and production of plastic profile extrusions.
~  Concept
~  Design
~  Tool Fabrication
~  Production
Production Facilities
~  Profile Extrusion Capacity: 2 to 200kg/h
~  On Line Secondary Operation
~  Simple Open Profile
~  Complex Multi-Chamber Closed Profile
~  Co-Extrusion of Two Different Materials
~  Flexible and Rigid P.V.C.
~  High Impact P.V.C.
~  Non-Migration, Oil Resistant and
Heat Resistant P.V.C.
~  Thermo Plastic Elastomer (T.P.E.)
~  Thermoplastic Alloys
~  Polystyrene
~  ABS and etc.
~  Product Design
~  Colour Matching
~  Material Selection and Specification
~  Tool Fabrication
~  One-Source Services
~  Customise Services
2.  Rigid Foam/Structural Wood Profile
        Structural Wood is a synthetic wood. It is formed by foamed synthetic polymer and exudes a brisk wood tincture / texture. The advantages are:
        ~  Water Resistant
        ~  Termite Resistant
        ~  Flame Retardant
        ~  Anti Fungus
        ~  Solvent Resistant
        Apart from the above characteristics, it can be used efficiently work with wood working tools as well as hot bended, where time is a cost factor, as the working process involved does not require polishing, painting or varnishing.
        With 25 years of experiences in plastic profile extrusion, we can say that we have the key in the process of transferring Structural Wood into profile board, panel, bar and etc. Structural Wood is also widely used in the field of furniture, interior decoration and construction.
        Last but not least, Structural Wood is an environmental friendly product which is durable and recyclable. Should you choose Structural Wood instead of real wood in your future projects, you will be appreciated for doing your part in preserving the forest for the next generation!!

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